All Natural Soups & Stews Kyla Latrice Tennin Author

All Natural Soups & Stews Kyla Latrice Tennin Author
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Sometimes you need to give your body a rest from what you have been eating regularly, such as meats, especially those that take quite a bit of time to digest and to rid the body of toxins that came in through certain foods eaten. And in this book I discuss how I lost 170lbs, beat obesity twice and sculpted an eating and overall nutrition plan.Here are some of my favorite healthy soups and stews recipes that I have created to help you get the food rest you need, whether for a day, week or even month; to enjoy “other” foods and ways of cooking. Variety in life is good. For Cooking, you can either utilize a slow-cooker, crock-pot or a boiler on the stove. Within this book, to make sure everyone has the utensils needs, you can simply use a boiler pot on a traditional stove (whether electric or gas; gas cooks food more evenly and thoroughly). Enjoy!