Allies and Enemies: Rogues Amy J. Murphy Author

Allies and Enemies: Rogues Amy J. Murphy Author
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Maybe the Fates can hold a grudge. For fugitives of the Regime, Sela Tyron and Jon Veradin, it certainly feels that way. Their escape into the Reaches meant a chance at a fresh start without looking over their shoulders. However, in this savage, hardscrabble region, the pair become targets of scheming alien gangsters and cybernetically-enhanced Guild agents. She was supposed to be dead. That was her plan anyway. But when a mysterious young woman with strange abilities is taken prisoner by a clan of vicious Zenti pirates, miraculous resurrection is the least of her worries. Can she trust a self-confessed spy to help in her escape? Suit up. Time to join the fight. If you love gritty, epic space opera, this second title in the Allies and Enemies series launches you on the ride of a lifetime. Praise for the Allies and Enemies series:For fans of space operas like Farscape and Firefly, this novel – the first in a trilogy – is well worth a look. Genetically engineered to be the loyal soldier of a totalitarian intergalactic regime, Sela Tyron follows her sense of right – and her heart – when her commanding officer becomes a wanted fugitive. The propulsive plot involves family secrets, ancient mythology, mindjacking and plenty of kick-assery, with a refreshing gender reversal. - Seven Days, July 2017A solid sci fi tale. It has a nice layered storyline with a relatively fast-paced plot… everything you would want in a sci-fi suspense space opera.- Midwest Book Review, Feb 2017