Alvidia, Yet Another Horizon Luís Peazê Author

Alvidia, Yet Another Horizon Luís Peazê Author
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Alvidia, Yet Another HorizonIt is a different kind of adventure story. It deals with the realization of a dream which became an inner adventure. Luís and Helga, an ordinary Brazilian couple embark on this frenzy trip of partnership which bumped into them out of the blue.Including a passage sharing a house with Bhagavan Das in Mill Valley, CA, an icon from the beatnik era who inspired Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg and Ram Das among many, Luís unfold a collection of encounters with people, places and circumstances feeding his search and endurance…A fast paced true story hard to believe these two dreamers had been be able to face with so many odds against them, so many antagonistic events competing to occur almost on the same time. They leave behind a stable ordinary life, he as corporate executive, she was taking her master degree, they are invited to open a factory in the United States, they clash with partners, then go to Australia to open another factory, and once again come back to America at the border of Mexico (Chula Vista) to re-start a third factory, all within four tough years. In route to another definitive clash, they decided to go sole owners as manufacturing owners in Australia, with some stocks from the other in the USA. Their bank account began to grow, but…Then, apparently without a reason, they give it all up and resolve to go for a real dream, an old one, to build Alvídia, a wooden sailboat. Sold the profitable business, and with the pace of a snap-shot, never having built anything and never having sailed at all, they throw themselves into the most dangerous, challenging seas anywhere in the world and finally find the peace of mind.During the whole process the fast pace of happenings seemed to be their pattern of life although not intentional. After building Alvídia in a record time, they sail her for more than five thousand miles from the south to the north coast of Australia. Every island a paradise, every anchorage indescribably beautiful, every leg of the voyage ending at sunset, far beyond the morning’s horizon…this is the backdrop of the dream of owning a sailboat, of building it and of an unforgettable ocean crossing meeting true angels along the way so it was their experience of getting help from unknown people whom become their supporters friends. The story, from start to finish, includes encounters with celebrities and even sharing a house with Bhagavan Das, the Guru of Ram Das (author of Be Here Now) and Allen Ginsberg, is more than anything else, an apprenticeship that: …sometimes one has to lose in order to win. Yet, the story told by Luis Peazê, is a necessary adventure.Alvídia was written between Malaysia, South Africa and Argentina while Luís Peazê was traveling through those countries in 1996.I could not stop reading. At times I was nervous, then all of the sudden I had a blast. Amazing inspiring life story Roberto Barros (reader)Among the best Brazilian authors I have ever read. Well written, instigate, inspiring, captures ones attention for sure Alan Clarke (translator and ex-agent in USA for Paulo Coelho)Helga and Luis proved to me that love does exist Nani (reader)Unique spiral structure of the narrative, which we felt very much lent itself to the adventure (…) gorgeous. Jane Dystel (Literary Agent, New York)