Amazing Roots of Wealth Ram Arora Author

Amazing Roots of Wealth Ram Arora Author
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The Book ‘Amazing Roots of Wealth’ details, very concisely and in simple words, major wealth creating scientific and technological events that created all the wealth and physical comforts we enjoy today. In the last 190 years, per capita income went up by 1900% all due to ‘Technological Revolution’ beginning 19th century. Generation, storage, and distribution of energy and information are the sole roots of all wealth. We need energy to run cellphone, GPS, autos, planes, tanks, submarines, bombs, guns and missiles; and we need information through education to change us into mathematicians, scientists, and technologists. Math, science, and technology are the pillars of peace, prosperity, and power. The tools for prosperity and power are discovered and invented by mathematicians, scientists, and technologists. Computer hardware, software, internet, search engines, communications, controls, diagnostics, huge flying machines and ships, space exploration, cell phones, GPS, robotics, pharmaceuticals and much more are the products of the wealth creating technology. Math is the foundation of all physical comforts we enjoy today. All enterprises owe their fruits to math. This fact shall reign supreme perpetually. For prosperity, all education and learning systems must create love for math. Unquestionably, math, science, and technology are the roots of all wealth. We do not need divide the sphere of wealth to communalize private wealth because new technologies will keep on expanding wealth endlessly. Bottomed-out people can move up simply by embracing technical education and skills. The most important languages now are the languages that computers converse in, not Chinese, Spanish, German, English, and Japanese. We must teach the young generation to converse with computers; they can learn human languages easily just by playing with kids of various mother tongues. Of thousands of new possible inventions and discoveries, we need electromagnetic anesthesia, pain suppression, intoxication, healing of the mind and body to replace many toxic pharmaceuticals. In addition, artificial photosynthesis and conversion of heat into electricity by some kind of efficient solid-state system will revolutionize civilization.