Ambersley Amy Atwell Author

Ambersley Amy Atwell Author
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An heiress in disguise. A duke who doubts his legitimacy. Will secrets destroy their love?Traumatized by a blaze that killed her parents, young Johanna remembers nothing of her privileged past and remains ignorant of the dangers that surround her. She grows up among the servants, where she develops a sense of purpose that helps her survive the betrayal that unmasks her true identity. Once she is forced to take her proper place in Regency society as the highly sought heiress to the Ambersley fortune, she must defy the relatives who would make her a pawn in their struggle for power. When Derek Vaughan inherits the dukedom, his dubious parentage makes it a sacrilege to accept. But touched by the ravaged estate and its destitute staff, he braves a society that once shunned him while he rebuilds Ambersley and guards it from his stepmother’s bankrupting clutches. He intends to grant the title to his half-brother when the boy comes of age, but Derek’s plans go awry from the moment the gardener’s apprentice–once his trusted young friend–is revealed to be not only an heiress of beauty and spirit, but the one woman who may finally capture his heart.Note on the Second Edition: This May 2019 edition of Ambersley has been abridged to remove the on screen action of two lovemaking scenes.