America's Royal Family Lily Amis Author

America's Royal Family Lily Amis Author
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Brand: Lily Amis
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America’s Royal Family is a humorous adventure parody. Lisy is a lonely girl and all she wants is a family who will love her and make her feel as though she belongs. She suddenly is fed up with feeling this way and flies from Switzerland to the United States. As Lisy travels from New York to Washington and then to Los Angeles, she has some of the biggest celebrities such as Prince Harry of Wales and historical figures such as President Abraham Lincoln completely stumped as she searches for America’s Royal Family. This is an enjoyable, engaging and entertaining story that will keep you guessing… ‘Who is America’s Royal family?’ and ‘do they really exist?’America’s Royal Family is a reflection of the stupidity of our social media and botty-obsessed society. Because despite of the global-connection to strangers more people feel lonelier, isolated, unloved and unappreciated than ever. Thanks to social media many people forget the important values in life these days. Our brains are overdosed with useless information’s and we all are affected by it whether we like it or not. The really precious and priceless gifts in life such as love, family and friendship are becoming irrelevant. This satire story brings to life some current issues faced by social media and today’s materialism and superficiality.FYI: The Book is available with two different covers. One for adults and one for children. The illustrated book in print contains 26 colorful illustrations by Lily & Sima. So if you like to see Lisy with all the celebrities in the story and of course Americas Royal Family you have to read this enjoyable adventure in print.Reviewed by Readers’ Favorite with 5 stars:An enjoyable satire that brings to life some current issues faced by social media and today’s materialism and superficiality. Lily Amis highlights these issues in an adventurous and fun way. While aimed at either children or adults – this book will have different meanings to both - I would actually suggest that this is best suited to the pre-teen and teenager market, given its references to social media and image obsession. These are two primary issues that affect the youth of today and will continue to become more prevalent as technology advances. The illustrations are wonderfully added, making this a very different story, one that you will remember and certainly talk about afterwards. I highly commend this author for her creativity, imagination, and enchanting storytelling in a tale that will be enjoyed by many.