Amtrak: Long - Long - Short . Long - Bob Campbell Author

Amtrak: Long - Long - Short . Long - Bob Campbell Author
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Please stay behind the yellow line until the train comes to a complete stop. Then climb aboard and enjoy a visual trip of current Amtrak passenger travel in our section of the Northwest - plus a few other locales and liveries - through over one hundred full-color photographs, braving all kinds of weather.While the venerable toaster - I mean, P42DC power unit - predominates the railway, we still cover the other powered and non-powered NPCU representatives that have crossed our lens over the years. Even an apparent heir to ugh, the amazing AMTK 7911 cab unit (restricted to a single image, fortunately).You’ll even find a section dedicated to the portion of the consist that pays the bills with diners, coaches, baggage cars, and even a bistro Cascade unit.So grab a copy, settle down behind the dropping gates, and savor the Long - Long - Short . Long - sound of the approaching train.