An Unsated Thirst S.W. Campbell Author

An Unsated Thirst S.W. Campbell Author
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They say that an author’s first stories are their most raw. Here is a collection of S.W. Campbell’s first short stories and writings. Combining both published and unpublished work, An Unsated Thirst explores victory and defeat, triumph and shame, and an unflinching view of our naked selves. How one views such stories is dependent upon the mood of the reader. Whether we are at our highs or at our lows. However, it is hard for any of us to claim that such stories are ones that we cannot identify with. Contained within these pages are parts of our lives which we try to forget, though they are an important part of what makes us whole. Such stories should be embraced, accepted within ourselves so we can better accept them within others. Only then can we finally quench our thirst.