Anant Dot com: A Novel DR. GOVIND SHARMA IAS Author

Anant Dot com: A Novel DR. GOVIND SHARMA IAS Author
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For Mohan, it all begins in his second year at Saint John’s College, a low-profile college in Dharampur, a small town in foothills of Shivalik. Mohan is from a religious family of kathavachaks (Those who recite Scriptures). His grandfather wants to expose him to western education system as he believes that those with the traditional background should be familiar with the modern thought process, and the westernized Indians should take interest in the ancient Indian teachings so as to have a balanced outlook on life. Mohan shares accommodation with Anant who is from a very rich family. Anant is not studious but he has a passion for sports. There is another interesting character, Baldev, who is from a dysfunctional family. Is he worthy of Mala’s affections? As the story unfolds, there appear other interesting characters like Panther, Sudha, Nalini, Sayeeda, Posco, Verma Sir and Mamaji. The story also contains scenes involving Bollywood, Match Fixing and Betting. All the characters and incidents have been invented by imagination. In this novel, author Dr. Govind Sharma conveys important messages contained in the Indian Scripture Ram Charit Manas to offer a look at duty, sacrifice, and the joint family system. The narrator, Mohan, tells the story of his friends; and in between the scenes, the narrator gives the key messages of Ram Charit Manas by way of his recitals.