Angel Answers: Creating Heaven on Earth Andrew Ramer Author

Angel Answers: Creating Heaven on Earth Andrew Ramer Author
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First Came Ask Your Angels. Now the angels speak for themselves with a message of healing and love. For all of us who learned how to Ask Your Angels, here is the next step to enlightenment and joy — Angel Answers, a handbook for living in a new millennium. In these pages the angels themselves provide answers to our most pressing personal questions, showing us how to bring happiness into our lives, attract love, be true to our values and create heaven on earth. This Book is a guide for listening, not just to the angels, but to the highest wisdom you carry within your heart. Angels have come into our lives to help us see the luminous beauty that is our birthright, and now Andrew Ramer shares with us the knowledge that his own companion angel has revealed to him. We have always asked the angels for heavenly guidance and inspiration, but never before has there been a sourcebook of angel advice and instruction that we can turn to in moments of need or just to celebrate our connection to the angels. In these pages, you will discover heavenly opinions on gratitude, the ego, sorrow, friendship, death, and prayer. You will learn, from the angels themselves, how to find your soul, how to understand the language of angels, how to talk to your body about healing, how to laugh, and the pleasures of sharing joy. The angels answer with a message of true love, joy, ecstasy and bliss. Their guidance offers us all the power to transmute ourselves from fearful, limited, destructive beings into radiant children of God.