Angelheart JeanAnn Fitzgerald Author

Angelheart JeanAnn Fitzgerald Author
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Who’s your BFF? Even though best friends are supposed to be forever, people do change. Friends move away, form new alliances, change focus.But not guardian angels–they are truly our best friends forever A guardian is always by your side from the second you are born. Your guardian angel laughs and cries with you, and best of all, never leaves your side.Growing up is not easy, so a loyal companion you can talk to really helps. Lindsay calls her guardian Lady because she seems so much older and wiser. In Angelheart you can read about the interaction between Lindsay and Lady in their intimate friendship.Then Lindsay has a world shattering experience and discovers she knows another angel in heaven.Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author Mark Victor Hansen explains, Angelheart gives you the way to have an illuminated angel source to serve you with the love and information you need. If you could have any sort of guardian angel why not have the wisest of the all.