Anger Problem in Children Ram Patidar Author

Anger Problem in Children Ram Patidar Author
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If there is anything missing in the world, it is emotionally healthy and intelligent people: all kinds of leaders, teachers, parents, etc. The best way to achieve this is to start working from home.That is why it is necessary to give our children the necessary tools to develop their emotional intelligence, and in this sense, the first thing is to teach them to identify their feelings. How do we expect a child to control his anger and leave tantrums if he does not know that the feeling he is feeling is something we all experience and above all, it can be controlled The Because when children understand their feelings they begin to understand others, they begin to empathize and develop their social skills. We see that raising a child is a journey and not a destination.As parents, we need to understand that anger is a normal and healthy emotion for our children. And we need to express our feelings, channelize and manage our emotions in the best way that we can. An advantage is that it encourages better communication between parents and children.In addition, the child learns that there are ways to express their feelings correctly, that there is no need to cry, tantrums, scream, etc.: Other advantages are: Kindness in children when expressing their feelings and relating to others, Understanding and subjectivity. Conversely, children who do not know how to get angry are the most vulnerable to tolerate the unbearable, tolerate the unworthy, and live-in harmful places. Being angry is a skill and like all skills must be trained and practiced with awareness and attractiveness.Anyone can get angry, it’s very simple. But being angry with the right person, for the right purpose, at the right time, and in the right way, is certainly not that simple. This is not a new thing. Aristotle said.So the challenge is to teach our children how to channel that energy positively. Being angry should not be synonymous with hurting, believing, or causing resentment in any way.