Another Hairy Tail 3 Jamie Campbell Author

Another Hairy Tail 3 Jamie Campbell Author
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Please note: this is a novelette. Short fiction is a fun and quick read, not a full length novel.It’s baby time at the Mapleton Regional Zoo which can only result in animal chaos.With so many baby penguins, monkeys, tigers, and bears being born at the one time, the zoo is buzzing with excitement and hard work. While Hannah is trying to keep up with Logan and his mad vet skills, she also has a feeling something is wrong.As the summer progresses and her relationship with Logan intensifies, Hannah must remember that not everything was supposed to last forever.Babies, cubs, and chicks abound in the next instalment of the Hairy Tails series that will have you awwwing at all the heart-warming cuteness.Also in the series:A Hairy TailA Hairy Tail 2A Hairy Tail 3A Hairy Tail 4A Hairy Tail Collection (All 4 stories in one place)Another Hairy TailAnother Hairy Tail 2Another Hairy Tail 3