Anti Inflammatory Cookbook 2021 AMZ Publishing Author

Anti Inflammatory Cookbook 2021 AMZ Publishing Author
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Inflammation is a course correction measure used by the human body when it suffers an injury through pathogens, bacteria, a virus, or any harmful stimuli. The protective measure, which includes immune cells, blood vessels, and white blood cells, ensures that the aggravated body part gets help in repairing the damaged cell, making healing possible.However, in certain cases, our immune system itself causes inflammation, even when there are no external stimuli to fight, such as in the case of arthritis. In this case, the autoimmune system treats the disease as a regular tissue disintegration, resulting in pain and inflammation.While there are various ways to deal with inflammation, one of the most common and prescribed methods is to add food items with anti-inflammatory benefits to your diet. Research has shown that anti-inflammatory diet food is much more effective than medicines. When combined with a healthy lifestyle involving regular exercise, an anti-inflammatory diet has proven to be a boon not only for people from regular walks of life but also for athletes in whom wear and tear of muscles and body cells is a common phenomenon.Keeping in mind the complexity of the program, here is a special guide that will help you understand inflammation in ways that no one else has been able to achieve so far. The aim behind this anti-inflammatory diet book is to not merely to provide you with recipes but also to make the process more spontaneous.With abundant information available online and offline, it becomes very easy for the reader to get confused and lose interest. This adds to the pain that inflammation has caused already.With the help of this book, you will understand everything about inflammation in a calculated manner that will be easy to grasp and implement. The book focuses on educating the reader through simple language, rather than waste energy proving the scientific prowess of the author.The recipes mentioned in the book are easy to follow and involve ingredients that are readily available and have anti-inflammation properties.By the time the reader begins to prepare their meals, the book will have educated them plenty about the best practices to counter the pain caused by inflammation. Along with the guidelines and tips to follow, the book contains a 21-day meal plan that will help you prepare a routine at your convenience.The recipes in this book will give you ample options to choose between the various breakfast, soups, salads, vegetarian mains, fish, seafood, and poultry recipes. The recipes are easy to follow and will help you not only soothe the pain but also enjoy the food. The no-nonsense approach to the book helps us clear away the chatter and myths around inflammation, and helps you ease the pain that has been bothering you for so long.