Antichrist Revealed: Scriptural Proof of Their Identities David L Campbell Author

Antichrist Revealed: Scriptural Proof of Their Identities David L Campbell Author
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The antichrist is here among us. He’s a man of sin, a liar and a true narcissist. He answers all the scripture verses of the Bible, laid out for him long ago. Daniel prophesied that the man will have a giant ego, he will be a great orator, strong willed, used to getting his way. He will be an evil man, an enemy of God and His people, Christians and Jews. Like prophesied, the antichrist started out strong with a small people but with his charm, cunning and the anointing of satan, he became the most powerful person on the planet, with the mightiest military on Earth. Even when he had become the leader of the free world he did not have the honor and respect due to a man in that position, again, like prophesied. That’s because of his methods in obtaining all the things that he set out to accomplish. He has no respect for the rule of law or propriety. It’s his way or the highway - no matter what it takes, no matter who it hurts. It catches up with him at times. There has been and always will be people that will take him on and make the attempt to hold him accountable for his evil deeds. They show how despicable he really is. Not that it stops him. Occasionally, he makes some of them pay with their lives. Multitudes will during the coming Tribulation. He’s out of national political power now and building a worldwide coalition. He will come back later more powerful than ever. This next time he will rule the entire planet and make it his business to rid the world of all those people who worship God and not him. He hates them with a passion.They have and will continue to expose his evil nature and his evil plans. Just like prophesied, along came another man, a promoter of the antichrist and his wickedness. A man with much of the same charm, the same cunning and even the same power. He came on the scene after the antichrist appeared and temporarily faded (the beast that was, and is not, and yet is). His agenda is to cause all the people of the Earth to worship the antichrist and be made over into his image - immorality. He has devised a plan to make every person on the planet a ward of the State, a walking credit card and they can only buy and sell with the number that he gives them. This number will be the number of the antichrist or the number of his name. They will get it by deception (Universal Health Care). They’re being told that it’s the best thing that’s happened to them but eventually, when they are marked, they will find out it causes them nothing but pain and remorse. Both of these evil rulers have but one purpose, led by satan: to draw the people of the world into the Middle East and onto the plains of Megiddo. There they will attempt to slaughter all the Jews in Israel and try to stop Jesus Christ from returning to the Earth, with His saints, to rule and reign. In this book, I take you step by step, scripture by scripture, showing you who they are. When you get through reading this book you will want to warn as many people as you can, while there is still time.