Any Means Necessary J Frank Author

Any Means Necessary J Frank Author
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The Synopsis Grip and Silkk grew up in the heart of Fort Myers, Florida. Both were raised in the Michigan Projects, and later migrated to Ramen Street. They learned early and quick how to survive on the treacherous streets. If it wasn’t about family or money, then it didn’t matter. Being young, hungry and dedicated, nothing could stop them or make them fold. So money and murder became their occupation.There was only one result if you go t out of line with them: You play! You’re dead! You owe and don’t pay. You’re dead! You thinking beef. You’re dead! It’s that simple.Grip and Silk cultivated two young niggaz just like themselves, Lil’ Homie and Lil’ Peanut. Both grew up in broken homes. The only guidance they found was the streetz. So it was easy living by ‘Money, Murder and Mayhem’ like their mentors.If you’n live by this, then you might don’t understand, or it may even be hard to relate. Just buckle down and embrace some real street shit; raw and uncut! Where real killers and gorillas emerge on some real shit. Where telling not tolerated and killing is a hobby; where snakes get their heads cut off. So they kept the grass cut real low to see’em.-J$Frank- I love Grip and Silkk. Them boyz real killers, and know how to get that money. - Kano- Man, this book had me full of anticipation ‘bout whatz next. These lil’ niggaz really get’n it in and slide’n. Grip my nigga. Silkk so vicious, and I gotta salute Lil’ Homie. Can’t forget Lil’ Peanut. He ah young vet and know how to survive.-Gunplay- JB’s PublishingP.O. Box 607166,Orlando, Florida 32860