Apollo's Prophecy (Immortal Love, #1) Amy Sousa Author

Apollo's Prophecy (Immortal Love, #1) Amy Sousa Author
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Danika Warren’s very average life is thrown into chaos after being gifted the trip of a lifetime as her graduation present; a summer-long trip to Greece. Danika not only gets to travel all of Greece, fulfilling her life-long dream, but she will also earn her first university credits while taking a Greek mythology course that goes hand-in-hand with her travels. Danika knows it will be the trip of a lifetime, especially after meeting the sexy professor, Dr. Evantin, who looks at her differently. Little does she know that he has a big secret that will change her life forever. If there’s one thing she’ll take away from the course, it’s that the myths she grew up learning about aren’t as far from reality as she once believed them to be.