Appleseeds of Love Marilee Rabb Chapman Author

Appleseeds of Love Marilee Rabb Chapman Author
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APPLESEEDS OF LOVE is a TREASURE. Th e author, Marilee RabbChapman, is a most GIFTED teacher. Th is educational and inspirational book would make a most helpful and joyful GIFT for those you love. Dr. Don Anderson - Director, world-wide Bible Teaching Resources REMARKABLE! How I wish that this excellent book about life and teaching had been available when I began teaching. Gladys Bradshaw – Retired Educator, Volunteer FANTASTIC! A must-read for everyone who cares about our students. Alicia Hill – Writer for the Chicken Soup for the Caregiver’s Soul. INSPIRATIONAL! Teachers do more than teach. When the young girl thought she was pregnant and wanted to end her life, she turned to this teacher for help, whom she said saved her life. Th is book will BRIGHTEN your SMILES! Dr. David Nichols – Dentist, President of the Tejas Medical Missions JOYFUL! All educators and parents will enjoy and benefit from this book. It brought smiles to my face, and out loud giggles. Jodi Gilley – Barnes and Noble Community Relations Manager Marilee Rabb Chapman and her students enjoyed wearing costumes and taking their dressed up pets and smiles to share with their Nursing Home friends.