Applied Gas Dynamics Ethirajan Rathakrishnan Author

Applied Gas Dynamics Ethirajan Rathakrishnan Author
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A revised edition to applied gas dynamics with exclusive coverage on jets and additional sets of problems and examples The revised and updated second edition of Applied Gas Dynamics offers an authoritative guide to the science of gas dynamics. Written by a noted expert on the topic, the text contains a comprehensive review of the topic; from a definition of the subject, to the three essential processes of this science: the isentropic process, shock and expansion process, and Fanno and Rayleigh flows. In this revised edition, there are additional worked examples that highlight many concepts, including moving shocks, and a section on critical Mach number is included that helps to illuminate the concept. The second edition also contains new exercise problems with the answers added. In addition, the information on ram jets is expanded with helpful worked examples. It explores the entire spectrum of the ram jet theory and includes a set of exercise problems to aid in the understanding of the theory presented. This important text: Includes a wealth of new solved examples that describe the features involved in the design of gas dynamic devices Contains a chapter on jets; this is the first textbook material available on high-speed jets Offers comprehensive and simultaneous coverage of both the theory and application Includes additional information designed to help with an understanding of the material covered Written for graduate students and advanced undergraduates in aerospace engineering and mechanical engineering, Applied Gas Dynamics, Second Edition expands on the original edition to include not only the basic information on the science of gas dynamics but also contains information on high-speed jets.