Aquaculture Technology: Fishfarming & Equipment (Catalog) Martin Hochleithner Author

Aquaculture Technology: Fishfarming & Equipment (Catalog) Martin Hochleithner Author
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The need and demand for fish and seafood are rising continually worldwide, and wild fish stocks are steadily becoming scarcer and scarcer. Aquaculture is a young and innovative part of the economy with high growth rates and secured prospects. The future of fish production requires that water be used as economically as possible, and that waste products be removed safely with the lowest possible energy consumption. Environmental legislation is progressively reducing the possibilities of open water fish production and existing fish farms are confronted with directives for purifying their waste discharges. This has acellerated the development of intensive, water-saving Systems for fish production, which do not depend upon natural environmental factors. Production in closed water Systems offers a more compact growing Environment for the fish, lower shared personnel costs and the potential for good profits. In such Systems waste water that is loaded with metabolic by-products is recycled through biologican- and physical purification units, and re-used. Through improvements to these techniques we are able to offer very efficient and cost effective systems for both fresh- and seawater. Risk-minimization, process-control and fish health have all been considered in our designs, which are typically constructed in compact, modular units. Depending on the systems size and customer specifications our systems will be supplied with modern monitoring-, regulatory- and security units, and working accessories. Because of our extensive work and many years experience in fish farming we know how important it is to have secure, stable, safe and effective units and equipment. This knowledge is apparent in our systems, machines, instruments and accessories. Beside the development and construction of new devices and units, our systems have been tested for several years before they are approved. We offer a complete program for aquaculture from the supply of single components like: incubation-