Art reinterprets Art: God, Sex, Money in Western and Indian Art Ram K. Piparaiya Author

Art reinterprets Art: God, Sex, Money in Western and Indian Art Ram K. Piparaiya Author
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As our world becomes smaller and our societies more familiar and accessible, the ideas and concepts that drive thought and expression in different cultures become a part of our lives as well. A close examination of Western and Indian art from the prehistoric era to contemporary times reveals contrasts as well as similarities. However, modern art suggests convergences between these two ideologically disparate societies as the world becomes increasingly interconnected. This method, however, requires a close study of different, unconnected cultures from the beginning of expression through a more integrated global economy, by careful analysis of hundreds of artists and works of art. Drawing not only from the world of art but from philosophical texts like the Upanishads and those of Nietzsche, Emerson, and Wilber, author Ram Piparaiya’s comparative study of the evolution of Western and Indian art addresses serious questions about art’s impact on society and whether modern art is indeed progress or merely a hoax. Beginning with Western art, he examines its development from the perspectives of chronology and theme. In the chronological study, traditional or pre-modern art, modern art, and post-modern or contemporary art as well as classicism, neo-classicism, realism, cubism-all are amongst the genres covered to complete a comprehensive, intrinsic understanding of art’s evolutionary essence. Under the second perspective of theme, sex and nudity, god, society’s and artist’s psyche combine to form a breathtaking, in-depth look at the evolution of art and the process of that evolution. Moving on to Indian art, Piparaiya first examines the philosophy and the ideals of the art of ancient India and then follows it with a study of the impact of alien cultures on Indian art. Analyzing historic monuments, miniatures, folk art, and modern/contemporary art, this section specifically suggests convergences that fuel and affirm the idea that the evolution of art is driven by new discoveries about science and philosophy. This leads to the idea that the art of tomorrow will be driven by Consciousness, a development that will give rise to new reinterpretations of god, sex, and money. A comprehensive source for insight and understanding of Western and Indian art, Piparaiya’s latest book is an engaging journey perfect for art lovers and professionals alike. Illuminating significant and thought- provoking points of convergence between India and the West, he attacks centuries-old questions in need of new answers. Reaffirming art’s openness to multiple interpretations as well as offering a glimpse into the future of artistic expression, Art reinterprets Art: God, Sex, Money in Western and Indian Art is a must-have for serious art collectors, students, and enthusiasts alike.