Ashes to Ashes Jamie Campbell Author

Ashes to Ashes Jamie Campbell Author
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What would you do if you found out that everything you have ever been told was a lie?Jasmine Parker always believed that her parents died in a house fire that completely destroyed her childhood home and tore her family apart. Now, after thirteen years, she is about to discover that there was far more to it after an anonymous note was delivered to her with four little words – ‘It wasn’t an accident.’In the small town of Avalon where everyone knows everything about each other, it’s difficult to keep secrets. Every citizen becomes a suspect when Jasmine seeks out answers about why her parents had to die in such tragic circumstances.But one of them is going to make sure that she doesn’t solve any of the mystery – ever. With everything to lose and only peace of mind to gain, Jasmine must decide whether the answers are worth trading her life for.Will she be their next victim? Or will she be able to expose the murderer before it’s too late?