Asian Animal Zodiac Ruth Q. Sun Author

Asian Animal Zodiac Ruth Q. Sun Author
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This guide to the Asian zodiac gives a complete history and explanation of the zodiac as well as detailed instructions on how to read one’s own animal signs.In much the same way that Westerners analyze their personalities and predict their futures by studying the positions of the stars under which they were born, Asians use the ancient animal zodiac to explain individual personalities and predict their futures. Originally the Chinese zodiac, this custom spread to all corners of East Asia. According to legend, the twelve years in the Asian animal cycles were named for the twelve animals who visited Buddha on his deathbed: the rat, ox, tiger, hare, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, cock, dog, and boar.This informative and delightful book examines each animal of the zodiacal cycle and describes its history, its virtues and flaws, its all-too-human characteristics. Traditional tales from China, Japan, Korea, Tibet, and Vietnam illustrate each animal’s personality as the people of those nations see it.With carts, descriptions, and stories in this zodiac book, the Western reader too may find useful wisdom in the Asian animal zodiac.