Asian Comfort Food Cookbook: 2 Books 1 In: Over 200 Recipes For Cooking At Home Japanese And Indian Traditional And Modern Dishes Adele Tyler Author

Asian Comfort Food Cookbook: 2 Books 1 In: Over 200 Recipes For Cooking At Home Japanese And Indian Traditional And Modern Dishes Adele Tyler Author
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Are you looking for the ultimate cookbook recipes for comfort food with an asian twist? In this 2 books in 1 edition, you will discover over 200 recipes for preparing at home Japanese and Indian recipes!Comfort food for someone is the sweet dessert their grandma used to prepare on Sunday afternoons. For some others, comfort food is a bowl of hot ramen. Asian food, from India to Japan is one of the expressions of flavors and taste that get closer to the paradise. The umami flavor in many recipes is the one that makes you desire to get more and both Indian and Japanese cuisines are full of complex, deep, tasty ingredients. In the first book, Japanese Cookbook for Beginners, you will learn everything you need to know Sushi. Sashimi. Ramen. Okonomiyaki. Onigiri. Tempura. Can you feel the vibe that these dishes have? Can you imagine the round, tasty, mouthwatering flavors irradiating into your stomach? In Japanese Cookbook you will find several recipes for everything from breakfast to dinner, the most amazing miso soups, crunchy tempura shrimps and grilled yakitori.You will also learn the basics for the best comfort food in the history of humankind: the most amazing ramen, with noodles, pork or even vegetarian.You will discover international ingredients and you will be surprised to know that you can buy them in the local supermarket. You will surprise your friends and family with delicious cold and hot soups, homemade sushi an a lot more.In Japanese Home Cooking you will learn:History of Japanese food How to cook Japanese food at homeHow to slice a perfect sashimi or fry a crunchy tempuraComfort food: ramen and moreBento and bowls Over 100 recipes to impress your friends and family If you love Asian flavors and you are a home cook with wide interests, this cookbook is for you! In the second book, Indian Home Cooking you will discover a world of spicy flavors. Delicious vegetarian courses, but also extremely juicy meats. Rice and naan. All these amazing recipes are the very essence of the Indian cousine, an old and full of tradition way of cooking meals that from centuries ago until today feed body and minds of billions on people.Can the Indian recipes be executed at perfection at home? Yes they can. You only need a recipes book that includes old and new way of cooking Indian food, making sure to respect the tradition, but also reinvent the traditional dishes in a modern sustainable way with a twist in flavors and ingredients. The book will explore over 100 recipes covering all day and all seasons, from breakfast to lunch, to dinner and family meals, without forgetting a dedicated section to vegetarian Indian meal prep for the most demanding and wise food enthusiasts.In Indian Home Cooking you will learn: History of Indian food and its evolution during the last century Over 100 recipes for traditional and modern Indian dishesVegetarian Indian recipes for responsible food consumption Meal ideas for lunch, dinner, snacks and mode with a spicy twist and real Indian flavorsIf you want to test your skills with the Indian recipes, this cookbook is for you. Scroll up, click on buy it now and get your copy today!