ASKED TO LEAVE: A Story Of 'The Hired Ones' Krishna D Bhatt Author

ASKED TO LEAVE: A Story Of 'The Hired Ones' Krishna D Bhatt Author
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Ram Prasad is a resort worker who enjoys advocating on behalf of children and working his family’s farm in his spare time. When he meets an American writer at the resort who takes an interest in his life, Ram begins telling her his captivating personal story. As Ram leads the writer back in time to Gurgaon, India, he reveals his challenges as he searches for and finally secures work, and meets and falls in love with Devika, a beautiful divorcée suffering from cancer. But when he is asked to leave his job and realizes the request is all part of a conspiracy, Devika prepares to take her last breath—but not before asking Ram to promise to fight for labor rights in the modern world. When the American writer finishes the story, it spreads like a storm on social media. As Ram learns there are millions suffering like him, his journey leads him full circle from persecution to revolution and ultimately back home in search of the inner-peace he has always desired. Asked to Leave shares the touching story of an ambitious man’s quest to fulfill a deathbed promise to his soul mate that leads him down a path he never could have imagined. For more information, please visit -