Astronomy Primer Joseph Campbell Author

Astronomy Primer Joseph Campbell Author
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Astronomy Primer brings together graphic illustrations and narrative history of the telescope and astronomy to share facts about the night sky and the hobby of astronomy for the young and old a like. As the primer starts out with the with the history of the telescope introducing you to the likes of Galileo, Kepler and Newton explaining their contribution to the science as well as the art behind the invention of the telescope. The primer will also educate you on the workings as well as how to purchase a modern telescope with graphics and descriptive text explaining the deferent versions and mounting options. After walking you through the purchase of the telescope, the primer continues on to share the enjoyment of the night sky with descriptions of the various constellations, basic star maps and suggested times of year for best viewing. The appendix also contains a summary as well as extra pictures of the authors own personal telescopes giving you a sneak peek at the world of astrophotography.In addition, the book also takes advantage of the internet as the keywords also contain hyperlinks to additional resources on the internet where further explanations can be found. All in all, this is a great book which covers a lot of area and history in around a hundred pages with pictures and illustration to help simplify many of the ideas present.