ASUS 16x 128GB Internal SATA Blu-Ray Writer (BW-16D1HT)

ASUS 16x 128GB Internal SATA Blu-Ray Writer (BW-16D1HT)
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Brand: Asus
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ASUS Internal SATA Blu-ray writer features BDXL format allows you to burn huge amounts of data on a single Blu-ray disc. Can store up to 128GB data on one disc. Drive has an optimal tuning strategy that performs a test to generate burning strategy automatically for the best quality. Internal DVD Drive has doubles data security with password control and encoded file name functionality. It provides flexibility and efficiency in terms of multimedia data storage. The E-Green drive automatically optimizes your drive’s power consumption and E-Hammer allows you to permanently delete the data on writable disc formats. It ensures data security, eliminates the hassle of scratching and performs to environmental friendly..Requires DC +5V +/- 5%, DC +12V +/- 10% drive power for efficient operation.Requires Intel Pentium D 945 (3.4GHz) or higher, 1GB RAM or more, NVIDIA GeForce 7600GT or ATI X1600 series or above.RoHS Certified.Comes with reading speed of BD-R: 12X, BD-RE: 8X, BD-ROM: 12X, BD-R(DL): 8X, BD-RE(DL): 6X, BD-ROM(DL): 8X, BD-R(TL/QL): 6X and more.Comes with CD-ROM disc formats for initial use and has disc diameter of 12 cm/8 cm.Has drive capacity up to 128GB for better performance.Comes with E-green to saves over 50% of power consumption and has M-disc support.Standards: Green Compliant, Green Compliance Certificate/Authority: RoHS.Comes with reading speed of DVD+R(DL): 12X, DVD-R(DL): 12X, DVD-ROM(DL): 12X, DVD-RAM: 5X, CD-R: 48X, CD-RW: 40X, CD-ROM: 48X.Features Cyberlink Power2Go 8, E-Green and 4MB buffer.Supports PC, Access time: BD(SL/DL): 180 ms, DVD: 160 ms, CD: 150 ms and has vertical and horizontal mounting orientation.Features internal form factor for easy configuration and works with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.Has SATA drive interface for external storage.At 20 - 80% non-condensing humidity it operates at 5 - 40 deg C temperature for proper operation.Comes with writing speed of 16X BD-R, 12X BD-R, 12X BD-R, 6X BD-R, 2X BD-RE and more.Weighs 750 g.Dimensions: 1.6"(H) x 5.7"(W) x 6.9"(D), weight: 1.5 lbs..Measures 1.6" x 5.7" x 6.7".ASUS Internal SATA Blu-ray writer is compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP OS and has 16X writing speed capability. With E-Green mode saves over 50 percent power consumption..Maximum read speed: BD-RE(TL) : 4X, DVD-RAM : 5X, BD-RE(DL), BD-R(TL/QL): 6X, BD-RE, BD-R(DL), BD-ROM(DL): 8X, BD-R, BD-ROM, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD+R(DL), DVD-R(DL), DVD-ROM(DL): 12X, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-ROM: 16X, CD-RW : 40X, CD-R, CD-ROM: 48X