At Ease: Enjoying the Freedom You Fought For Rob Campbell Author

At Ease: Enjoying the Freedom You Fought For Rob Campbell Author
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For all who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces, there will come a day when it’s time to separate – to retire or otherwise hang up your uniform, and to transition to a civilian world you may know little about (despite having spent decades fighting to protect its freedoms and liberties). When it’s time for you to walk away proudly, DD-214 in hand, you may find yourself unprepared and overwhelmed. If you’re like most senior servicemembers, you’ll find that the transition to your encore life and career is a transition you have given insufficient thought to. You’ve been busy leading and giving selflessly to your unit and your mission; it was your only focus and your sole concern. So now what?Join Colonel Rob Campbell, United States Army, Retired, on a journey to post-military life – the ups and downs, the sleepless nights and complex decision-making, and the arduous weighing of the what ifs and choices before you. At Ease: Enjoying the Freedom You Fought For is a servicemember’s guide to an authentic transition. This remarkable book is part memoir, part how to guide to help senior servicemembers explore the nuances of the military/civilian transition.Hear Rob discuss, candidly and vulnerably, everything from what surprised him about the big, hard civilian world and the challenges of the job swamp to the role of spouses and children on the transition decision and how to celebrate your service before putting it behind you. Learn how to reapply your values (like duty, commitment and selfless service) in new ways and to a new mission. Discover a new compass for your life and career, where job passion and geography (i.e., What do I WANT to do and where do I really WANT to live?) point the way, and where seeking the next rank or finishing an assignment or deployment are no longer the guideposts for living.If you’re looking to find income, fulfillment, relevance and a comfortable lifestyle in the wake of your military service, this book is a must-read.After 27 years of service to the Army, where he achieved the distinct honor and responsibility of Brigade Command, Colonel Rob Campbell – with his wife Leslie by his side – chose to retire and to pursue an encore life and career – one in which he enjoys applying his military experience and his people-first leadership philosophies to speaking, consulting and writing. Author of the acclaimed leadership book, It’s Personal, Not Personnel: Leadership Lessons for the Battlefield and the Boardroom and founder of Investing in People Consulting and Coaching LLC, Rob has pushed his way through the initial phases of the military/civilian transition but admits that the journey continues and that the learning is forever. Jump into his very personal but almost universally applicable story to discover insights about post-military physical fitness, staying connected to your military tribe, exploring the foreign zone of entrepreneurship, approaching the topic of disability pay, establishing a new relationship with money, downsizing and simplifying your life, and immersing yourself in a society you had left behind during your time in service.