At Home with A Matter of Taste Bakery Nicole Franklin Potts Author

At Home with A Matter of Taste Bakery Nicole Franklin Potts Author
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Not so long ago the kitchen was considered the heart of the home, a place that offered a relaxed atmosphere where faith, love, family, and friendship flourished-a place where families took the time to reconnect. Unfortunately, due to today’s busy schedules many people now see their kitchen as nothing more than a drive-thru of sorts. At Home with A Matter of Taste Bakery hopes to change that. Nicole Potts, Owner and Pastry Chef of A Matter of Taste Bakery, combines family recipes and professional training to create food that is familiar but turned up. Her recipes are perfect for new cooks and experienced home cooks simply looking to prepare delicious food. This book features over 150 kicked-up traditional Southern recipes such as Pumpkin French Toast with Cinnamon Praline Syrup, Five Pepper Jam, Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup, and Sweet Bourbon Pecan Pound Cake. There are recipes for breakfast through dessert and all take into consideration our contemporary lifestyles by including convenience products and shortcuts when possible. Great food does not have to be pretentious or use expensive ingredients that are hard to find. The dishes in this book are relaxed and a true celebration for family and friends.