At One - A Life's Sentence Dave Semple Author

At One - A Life's Sentence Dave Semple Author
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At One - A Life’s Sentence is a collection of poems culled from many years of exploring moments, people, and memories in the hope of capturing their essence in words on the page. Many of the pieces were born from a decade of teaching creative writing, playing with existing poetic structures, then learning how to break all the rules to allow the expression to surface. There is no Chicken Soup here; only observations of one life’s journey through the movement of time. Perhaps the work will resonate in the shared experience of being human. Perhaps there will be the discord of disagreement. Both are worthy of the exploration as they promote conversation, discussion, and debate; the foundation of personal growth. Words are all we have to communicate experience, and the interpretation of experience defines our individuality. Every moment is part of the journey toward understanding, and in the moment of understanding, we are at one with ourselves; with our own life’s sentence.