Athlete's Mindset, Vol. 1: Dominate In and Out Of Your Sport Amy Twiggs Author

Athlete's Mindset, Vol. 1: Dominate In and Out Of Your Sport Amy Twiggs Author
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Athlete’s Mindset: Dominate In and Out of Your SportSuccess * Strategy * Motivation * Performance * StrengthThese are just a few topics you will find in the Athlete’s Mindset book seriesHave you always been a nervous competitor? Have you spent months or years trying to reach the top level and felt like a failure along the way?Are you stuck in the vicious cycle of sucking at winning and feeling happy?In today’s world, dominating in sports on and off the field is harder than ever. The innovative and empowering tools outlined in this book solve your external and internal athletic problems in a new and easy-to-use way. The Athlete’s Mindset series is designed to resolve your daily confidence questions in a concise and easy-to-read manner. This series is designed for athletes and teams who suffer from mental and emotional management issues found in every sport. Stress, pressure, anxiety and doubt find their way into the lives of athletes seeking validation from their next win, teams finishing a long season of losses, and coaches hoping to keep their position for one more year. Sports has a culture of external reward with little time devoted to internal development. Knowing that sports is 99% mental does little for your progress. On average, less than 1% of practice time is typically spent on consistent mental training in athletic teams.Athlete’s Mindset: Mental and Emotional Health Tools To Dominate In and Out of Your Sport gives you the foundation you need for your competitive success through:• Tried and true cognitive science-based methods that make the athletic process simple and fun.• Unique winning methods that involve no additional hours spent in practice. • Simple strategies for preventing and defeating mental blocks.• Uncovers the #1 way to actually feel confident and win with satisfaction (hint: it has nothing to do with a gold medals)• Shows you how simple and fast creating unstoppable power can actually be. (take this one out)Follow the advice in this book and your next big goal in sports will feel surprisingly small. Athlete’s Mindset helps you envision the future you want and how to achieve it from the inside out. This is mindset training like you have never experienced before.