Audacity of Hopelessness Ram Arora Author

Audacity of Hopelessness Ram Arora Author
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Audacity of Hopelessness originates from the facts that the ancestors of our Afro-American citizens were brought to our land as slaves in chains of steel; it took them over a century to gain freedom. Soon thereafter a lot of demonic white politicians sowed the plan to enslave the freed slaves in another perpetual addictive dependence; these politicians made sure that these freed slaves are sapped of independence, creativity and love-for-work. We are fully justified in labeling these politicians as enemies of freed slaves. For their own perpetual political power many Afro-American ‘Reverends’ have also applied all their divine skills to keep their brethren burdened with moronity of entitlements. These Reverends are more powerful enemies of our Afro-American citizens than the white ‘Un-Revernded’ white politicians.