Authentic Translation of Ayurvedic Scripture Bhavaprakash Part 1: Pregnancy to Childcare Ram Bansal Author

Authentic Translation of Ayurvedic Scripture Bhavaprakash Part 1: Pregnancy to Childcare Ram Bansal Author
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Ayurveda is the science of Aura of human body with the Aura being the prime source of physical health, skillful working and intellectual richness. It is the most refined fluid derived from food intake that nourishes brain and skin of a person. Before providing it, the food intake nurtures body constituents and waxes in the body through a series of refinements of the nutritional juice obtained after the food is digested by the body.Ayurveda was first scripted by Brahma in Atharva Veda and later in Brahma Samhita. Original Brahma Samhita is not available now but a fake creation with the same name is available. Later, great scholars like Sushruta, Dhanvantari, Charak, Senior and Junior Vagbhats, Bhoja, etc enriched Ayurvedic knowledge through their further researches, elaborations and practices. Simultaneous to these developments, miscreants working against humanity like Hiranyaksh (Prajapati Dux), Bhargava, Chyavan, etc began distortions in Ayurvedic knowledge through their publications such as Sangamayurveda, Ayushveda, etc. They also began destroying publications of real Ayurveda with the objective of keeping people sick and vulnerable to political misrule of those spreading misleading concepts of God and religions under overall guidance of one who declared himself as an incarnation of God.Later practitioners of Ayurveda could not differentiate between the real and fake publications on Ayurveda and created a mess in Ayurvedic knowledge through intermixing of the real and fake publications. It was this mess that prompted Muni Agastya, one of the renowned warriors and scholars of those times, created ‘Bhavaprakash’ compounding all the real works on Ayurveda into one publication. This volume is the first of the series of translations of Bhavaprakash. For fear of its destruction by the miscreants, Agastya used fake names as Authors, and codified the work for disabling the miscreants from understanding its real contents and intents. This trick saved the scripture Bhavaprakash from destruction but made it difficult to understand by common practitioners of Ayurveda. As a result, nobody has ever endeavored to decipher the scripture and bring out the real knowledge of Ayurveda.The worst distortions to knowledge contained in Bhavaprakash have been made through translations of the scripture based on word meanings of modern Sanskrit which has nothing to do with the Vedic linguistics. As a result, almost all the 700 food ingredients included in the scripture have been considered useful for human health, while only a few of them pass the test. All the key health-providing ingredients mentioned in the scripture have been grossly misinterpreted to be minerals while all those are derivations from the vegetation world. Such distortions in Ayurvedic knowledge have made current Ayurveda non-effective in solving health problems.This author, an Engineering graduate, invested two decades of prime period of his life to understand linguistics of Vedic scriptures to bring out the real contentions and intentions of Vedic scriptures. This translation of Bhavaprakash, the first of a proposed series, is the result of his researches into Vedic linguistics to present the health science of Vedic Era to the world humanity. Hence, it may reverse what people already know about Ayurveda.Such a creation needs revisions after revisions of the translation to bring out the authentic knowledge, hence takes a long time in accomplishment. The whole scripture Bhavaprakash may take about a decade for its translation by this Author, hence the work is being presented serially, this part being the first of the series.