Autumn: Finch's Crossing Book 1 Amy Ruth Allen Author

Autumn: Finch's Crossing Book 1 Amy Ruth Allen Author
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How had she let this happen? Autumn’s life used to be idyllic. Now she may have to leave her happy life and lovely home in Finch’s Crossing to save her career . . . and her soul. And here she is, with her own life in turmoil, standing in a pumpkin patch trying to save a little girl. The orphan is supposed to be moving with her new guardian to New York City, but when it comes to six-year-old girls the man is obviously out of his league. Besides, how dare he take a heartbroken child away from everything she knows and loves! Autumn can’t stand by and do nothing, it’s in her nature to fix things. She won’t give up, and she’s soon to find out, he will never back down. While she schemes to make things right, she’s battling a secret shame. Is it the reason why it’s been so long since she’s let a man into her life?Gradually, he shows Autumn that he isn’t a bad guy after all, and they can no longer deny the mutual attraction that has been building for months. But a cruel revelation on Christmas day changes everything. Now what? Are they friends or enemies? Feelings don’t just disappear overnight . . . If you enjoy wholesome and heartwarming stories that celebrate the charms of small-town life, you’ll love this first book in the Finch’s Crossing series. Buy Autumn today and begin your gripping journey through this delightful page-turner.