Avaland Amy Croucher-Rose Author

Avaland Amy Croucher-Rose Author
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Brand: Amy Croucher-Rose
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“Welcome to the Coliseum, the most important grounds the world’s magical arts has ever seen, and in which the fiercest Gladiators reside.”“You will be collecting these medallion’s, one for each of the elements.” The coin spun, changing from platinum to bronze, gold then silver. Each face revealing the words Magnum Opus.An orphan, her talisman and a cast of extraordinary creatures are brought together in Avaland, a place where nothing is quite as it seems.Charlotte is wrenched from her ordinary village life and finds herself in a magical world where she needs to learn the necessary skills to graduate to full Guardian status – and discover the special powers she was born with.Exploring the labyrinth Charlotte is required to complete a set of tasks, from battling with dragons in Gregorie’s Gorge to slaying sirens in Mermaid Cove.Alongside her new friends, Mandy and Frugal a diverse mix of monsters, fight to restore equilibrium to the kingdom, although some are not quite so enthusiastic about their quest.Charlotte walks the path of her destiny to discover who she really is.