Axiomatic Systems Ram Bilas Misra Author

Axiomatic Systems Ram Bilas Misra Author
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The book deals with Axiomatic Systems taught at the tertiary level. The subject matter is presented in 7 chapters followed by a short bibliography and alphabetically arranged index. The first 2 chapters offer pre-requisites starting from number system and set theory. The next 2 chapters deal with mathematical logic, truth tables and history of various finite geometries, especially those of Fano, Pappus and Desargues. Some basic properties of Axiomatic Systems are covered in Chapter 5. Chapter 6 deals with a comprehensive course on metric spaces presenting some basic facts of real analysis as well. Topological systems with some basic models and properties are covered in the last chapter. The presentation is made as lucid as possible based on the author’s long teaching experience of over 5 decades at different universities. For more details, please visit