Backsliding: Chicken Soup from Heaven for What Ales a People E Lloyd Kelly Author

Backsliding: Chicken Soup from Heaven for What Ales a People E Lloyd Kelly Author
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Backsliding Church Member is the uncensored, creative nonfictional story of one man who was to get himself kicked out of the Black Christian church, and for what? Yes, that. These are the stories about the faith, religious beliefs, and fiercely guarded secrets of some boat peoples, stowaways, and other wind-rush generations types of peoples, beliefs about the gods that they carried with them, or those that they were to have picked up along the way, and how those things, those gods even, how those and other such things had served them, or did disservices to them in the new worlds wherever they happened to settle throughout the years. Learn all of the truth, the facts, half-truths, and other convincing, (or not so convincing) arguments. Based on Real-life stories. Born out of the experience, observations, and participation, reluctant though these participants might have been. The old man had been sitting there and watching, listening, hearing, and seeing, and now. It’s his time to speak, come. Hear him. Hear what the old man has to say about it. Truth or Dare? Go figure. No, don’t go. Come along with us, and you may begin to figure, in this: The uncensored stories of some acutely over-churched peoples. Note: Where the context so requires, the feminine includes the masculine and the singular includes the plural. Additionally, because this is directed towards addressing an issue which is particular to a certain type of people, tiny snippets of words and phrases tend to slip in here and there more or less like seasoning for the pot, and which may be specific to this group. However, nine times out of ten, it’s just there for emphasis, if one should lift those out, it would not affect the story any, since the proper phrases would have already been there. Here now is the story.