Bag R Buck Special Blend Packer

Bag R Buck Special Blend Packer
Categories: Soup Mixes, Soup mix
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Beige
18.95 USD
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Packer Bag Special Blend is our number one best selling size bag. This is a 4 pound bag that is rated up to 6 months depending on how much rain you get. The more rain you get the faster they drip & the lease amount of rain you get the longer the bag will last. Special Blend is packed full of nutrients that deer crave. It is habbit forming & pattern changing so that means that its doing it’s job when your not there. It is important that you keep deer in your area & keep them supplemented during their times of needs. Supplementing your deer herd will increase the over all health of your animals & in turn you will see better & healthier deer. Supplementing is a very important part of several parts of a great management plan. Bag R Buck bags have been developed to last for long period of time. This size bag can last as long as a year once it reaches that point just replace it & hold on.. Oh yeah all other animals have a lot of the same needs like bears in most cases the bears will leave them alone but they will take them sometimes. Bag R Buck Special Blend Packer