Basic Denim Splatte

Basic Denim Splatte
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Grey
Size: XS
79.99 USD
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BASIC DENIM “SPLATTE” Basic denim “Splatte” includes paint splattered on the front & back of jacket. Basic denim “Splatte” may also include a hand painted name or word upon customer request. Jacket design will be similar to the examples shown but will vary per customer. Colors may vary unless otherwise stated by the customer. PLEASE NOTE: ALL CUSTOMIZATIONS DISCUSSED in MESSAGES MUST BE NOTED ON THE ORIGINAL ORDER WHEN PLACING YOUR ORDER. I SUGGEST MESSAGING THE SHOP OWNER ABOUT CUSTOMIZATIONS BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER. Once your customization request has been approved, then place your order & include customization details that were discussed in messages with our shop owner in the notes when completing your order. PLEASE READ OVER OUR SIZING CHART WHEN PLACING AN ORDER FOR FATIGUES. ( I suggest sizing down one jacket size because fatigue jackets are men sizes) NO CHANGES CAN BE MADE ONCE YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN PLACED. Basic Denim Splatte