Basic Mathematics at a Glance Ram Bilas Misra Author

Basic Mathematics at a Glance Ram Bilas Misra Author
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The book presents an introduction to mathematics starting right from the natural numbers. Covering a vast range of topics in Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry, Theory of Equations, Sets, Matrices and Determinants, Solid Geometry, Calculus (both Differential and Integral), Analysis the book concludes with a chapter on Complex Numbers. Altogether, it has eleven chapters. Generally, the proofs are avoided but many results especially in Algebra, Trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry and Complex Numbers have been established. Fundamental theorems of Arithmetic, Algebra and Calculus are also given. The book is not intended to be a comprehensive text rather it offers a crash course of basic mathematics to the beginners and as a reference book to the advanced learners. Infinity (∞) is generally mistaken as a number or the logarithm of a negative number is just undefined concept at least to the beginners. These misconceptions are removed here. Almost all the authors claim πr2 as the area of a circle of radius r (which, indeed, is zero) for circle having length (i.e. its circumference 2πr) only and is supposed to be of width zero. None takes pains to call πr2 as the area of a circular (plane) region of radius r.