Bats in the Bell Tower: Unmasking the Doctrines That have Seduced the Modern-Day Church Kenny Campbell Author

Bats in the Bell Tower: Unmasking the Doctrines That have Seduced the Modern-Day Church Kenny Campbell Author
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What can the modern church do to combat the insidious doctrines of devils that have crept into her sanctuaries to quench her flame? How can she recognise them? What is her protocol? Can she again arise as that glorious church and spotless bride?NEVER HAS THE OVERALL CHURCH been in more need of an OVERHAUL! The old ship of Zion is sailing in troubled waters beyond her capacity to remain buoyant. She is in need of a new hull, a new rudder, and a new chartered course! Her navigational skills have been too long under the controlling helm of satanic forces. It is high time for her captain and guide, the Holy Ghost, to return to her wheelhouse. Within the pages of Bats in The Bell Tower, the author takes us into the back rooms and boardrooms of the nefarious principalities and powers that have infiltrated the church in the past and have continued to do so until this very day. It is only there, in that backroom, that we can get a glimpse of the formulas and concoctions that have been implemented against her power and purpose. This book addresses these following principles that must be implemented and adhered to if we are to emerge from the fog of confusion and error within the church.1.We must be willing to apply the eye salve of honesty and look objectively into the microscope of doctrinal scrutiny again and denounce all recognised infiltrations of evil.2.The church must be willing to make a full acknowledgement and confession of its unwittingly naive contracts it has made with Satan through these false doctrines.3.She must be willing to tear up those said contracts and remove hisinfluence from the sacred spiritual real estate that alone belongs to God and His church.4.We must be willing to establish once again the foundational building blocks of repentance from dead works, faith towards God, and the truthof the gospel. We must not deviate from these basic truths.5.No longer can the body of Christ compromise its mission. God has standards, God has principles, and God has guidelines of absolute truth that the church must adhere to.