Bay State Skye Janice S. C. Petrie Author

Bay State Skye Janice S. C. Petrie Author
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Dive headfirst into the inner circle of the 1990 Gloucester seafood industry. Bay State Skye is an historical fiction based on actual events hinging on interviews with fishermen, seafood processors, and restauranteurs. From the treachery of the sea, to the deception at the docks, to the struggle to convince the state to help tackle the mounting mound of fish offal piling up at the defunct waste-reduction plant, Bay State Skye reveals the challenges faced by those who make their living by going down to the sea.When lobster fishermen Jimmy and Murph Sweeney happen upon an abandoned fishing boat that had been illegally dragging within state limits, it ignites the tension that had been smoldering between lobstermen and fishermen for years. As the Bay State Skye’s cargo is off-loaded, it sets off a series of adverse events for all who share the misfortune of coming into possession of its catch.Bay State Skye is the fifth book by award-winning author, Janice S. C. Petrie. Her family has been involved in the Gloucester and Boston seafood trade for two generations. Petrie’s interest was piqued after spending several years working as assistant plant manager in her family’s Gloucester seafood processing business, which led to her inclination to tell this story.