Be Still and Know...... Ram P. Varma Author

Be Still and Know...... Ram P. Varma Author
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An interactive meditation and self-empowerment handbook that takes you into inner silence to know your aspirations and to create them so that life is abundant and joyful. The author of This Splendid World of Yours has come up with another revealing book, Be Still and Know…, an interactive, meditation and self-empowerment guide that goes into detailed understanding and practicing ways and means of stillness and knowing. The book’s theme is threefold: 1) To be silent in your mind and know what you truly aspire from your heart and soul, 2) To go after your aspirations and manifest them, and 3) To let go after doing your level best and enjoy wholesomely. It shows how a person can ask questions in stillness and let the answers flow effortlessly. There are simple meditation techniques included and typical questions asked and answered. The book encourages the reader to ask questions in their own silence and receive answers. This book: Helps to gradually establish in inner stillness beyond the physical clutter. Helps to know the Highest Power without any religious connotation whatsoever. Helps to know whatever you need to know for total fulfillment in your life. Helps you to directly ask questions from God and get your answers on one to one bases. Helps to develop clarity about confusing issues and how to address them. Helps to excel your performance by doing things from your ecstatic connection. Helps to maintain equilibrium in peaks and valleys of Life by understanding and using the ARL Key (of Acceptance, Responding and Letting Go).