Beautiful Mistake Anna Campbell Author

Beautiful Mistake Anna Campbell Author
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Christopher Lochland, still suffering from a tragedy he holds himself responsible for, is a ghost of the popular, athletic high school student he used to be. These days he’s a walking red flag, doing everything in his power to push family and friends away and self-medicating at an endless pity party. But newcomer Katy Forester hasn’t had the easiest life herself and isn’t put off by lost causes. Or red flags, as it turns out, not when they’re as gorgeous and magnetic as Christopher Lochland. Not when she’s the only person he’ll open up to. Not when she’s maybe falling in love. Before long, Katy’s headed down a slippery romantic slope with Christopher, sacrificing more and more, wondering when she’ll finally reach the breaking point between helping someone else… and hurting herself. Then one devastating night, Katy gives a piece of herself in a way she never could have imagined, only to wake up broken and disillusioned, ready to give up on the idea of saving people, ready to give up on the idea of redemption altogether. But when an accident leaves Katy in need of Christopher for once, both are left wondering - can the seeds of hope be planted in the cracks of a broken heart, and can something beautiful grow from them after all? Sometimes funny and sexy, often raw and angsty, but ultimately hopeful, Beautiful Mistake takes the reader on a roller coaster of emotion from start to finish, forcing them to reflect on the easy mistakes we make in the name of saving someone else, and the hard choices we make when we finally decide it’s time to save ourselves.Mature Young Adult - recommended for readers 14+ for references to mental health challenges, suicide, teen drinking/drug use, language, and sexual relationships