Beautiful Ruin: A Nolan Brothers Novel Amy Olle Author

Beautiful Ruin: A Nolan Brothers Novel Amy Olle Author
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He was the rebel bad boy. I was the daughter of the richest family in town. Our worlds were never supposed to collide.I fell for Noah in high school, when I was too young and too foolish to realize we could never be together. But for one night, against all odds, Noah and I made sense.Afterward, though, our separate worlds fell apart…and we didn’t see each other again for fifteen years.Now he’s back, but the rebellious teenager I remember is long gone, and the dark, dangerous man standing before me is filled with hatred and anger.For me.Though the impossible pull between us is undeniable, we’re still worlds apart. But now, the roles are reversed.I’m penniless and unemployed. He’s at the top of his profession.Neither of us imagined we’d be given a second chance, but this time around, we must also contend with our past.Before it ruins our future…