Beef Stew for the Mind MJ Wilson Author

Beef Stew for the Mind MJ Wilson Author
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THIS IS NOT A RECIPE BOOK! It’s a GET OFF YOUR ASS AND STOP LETTING PEOPLE PUSH YOU AROUND book! So if you’re tired of reliving the same love-life, same job, same bullsh*t, over and over, year after year … If you want a game plan, a blueprint, a way out. If you want a better life, better love-life, and a better understanding of just how amazing and valuable you really are, it starts with your mind … Beef Stew for the Mind. From Sex with the Ex or The Forever-Single Church Lady to Yes, I Had an Affair … And Your Point Is? to Don’t Make Me Slap You, BSFTM is sure to touch on every aspect of any relationship - whether at home or the office. It’s time for a change and you know it. Beef Stew for the Mind … Taste the freedom.