Beekeeping For Beginners: A Simple Step-By-Step Guide To The Fundamentals Of Modern Beekeeping Avery Hansen Author

Beekeeping For Beginners: A Simple Step-By-Step Guide To The Fundamentals Of Modern Beekeeping Avery Hansen Author
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You won’t bee-lieve how simple it is to start your own bee colony when you follow these straightforward stepsDo you want to have a relaxing hobby that satisfies your need to be outdoors and helps the environment at the same time?If so, you’ve probably looked into beekeeping as an option.Raising bees has a lot of benefits, not only for yourself, but also for your garden and the larger ecosystem.Bees are fascinating creatures that are enjoyable to observe up close. You can even get your kids on it and give them a fun biology lesson and an outdoor activity at the same time.They’re also relatively easy to care for, as they are naturally hardworking and self-sufficient. And being surrounded by bees and nature can actually have a calming and relaxing effect on you.If you have a garden, bees will help your plants and flowers grow bigger and better, without any additional effort from your side. Beekeeping also helps offset the decline in the wild bee population, which is essential to maintaining nature’s balance.What’s more, with this hobby, you get a delicious bonus - honey! This versatile product can be used in a myriad of ways, including health and medicine.Excited to start right now? You just need one more thing . . .To prepare yourself to start this exciting journey, you need to first know what you’re getting into and learn the information, tools, and tricks involved in this endeavor.In Beekeeping For Beginners, you will discover:The perfect time to start this pleasurable pastime to ensure you begin your beekeeping journey as smoothly as possible 4 important qualities to consider when choosing a bee strain to raise, and the recommended strains for beginnersWhy your bee hive’s location matters so much to your beekeeping success, and what you need to do to make sure placement and position are correctThe one thing you should never do near your hive if you want to avoid getting stungHow to identify and handle these 2 troublesome issues that could threaten the survival of your colonyThe nectar-producing plants to include in your garden so your bees will be able to produce consistently substantial quantities of honeyThe beekeeping tasks you should and shouldn’t do per season to protect the safety and health of your colonyHow you can expand your bee colony without having to buy a new oneCreative projects you can do with honey and beeswax that could save you money, and even make you some moreAnd much more.Beekeeping may initially seem to be a more intimidating activity than your usual backyard hobby. It goes against our natural instinct to approach bees, instead of staying far away from them.If you want to be adequately prepared and avoid any unpleasant surprises in your rewarding journey as a beekeeper, then scroll up and click the Add to Cart button right now!