Beginning Blends and Digraphs: Flip Booklets DWAYNE DOUGLAS KOHN Author

Beginning Blends and Digraphs: Flip Booklets DWAYNE DOUGLAS KOHN Author
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This title contains flip booklets in two formats for 28 blends/digraphs for a total of over 50 booklets!PICTURE BOOKLETS: This title will allow your students to create mini-booklets for beginning blends and digraphs! The entire flip book for each letter is on one piece of paper which saves on photocopies! Simply place the desired page on the copy machine, press the button and hand the copies over to your students. They color in the pictures, cut on the lines, put the pages together and read the resulting booklet!For example, for the PR book your students will track Princess begins with pr. They then flip up the picture of the princess to reveal a picture of a pretzel. They then read Pretzel begins with pr. This continues with Prince, Present and Price to give them five words in all that all begin with the same blend.WORD BOOKLETS:: If your students are still struggling with reading words such as block, broom, click, smooth and spray, then this is the title for you! Your students will create fun-to-read flip booklets that will allow them to easily read blends! Each mini-booklet is on a single piece of paper for ease of use! The students color in the picture of the word that forms the back of the booklet. They then cut out 6 small cards and staple them together to create a booklet in which the cards are flipped up to create a new word each time.For example, for the sl booklet, the students read sled. They flip up the ed to reveal the letters eep while the letters sl remain. They then read sleep. This continues with slip, slow, slug, slam, and slide to give them a total of seven different words all beginning with the blend sl.28 Blends and Digraphs included: bl, br, ch, cl, cr, dr, fl, fr, gl, gr, kn, ph, pl, pr, sc, sh, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, sw, th, tr, tw, wh, wr