Behold, A Red Sky Alton Campbell Author

Behold, A Red Sky Alton Campbell Author
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Brand: Alton Campbell
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This is an exciting survival adventure of twelve year old Morgan, who travels with his family to the mountains of New Mexico during summer vacation. After having a conflict with his dad, Morgan wanders away from camp alone, only to later find himself unable to return. A wild fire has blocked his only way back. He is forced to run for his life, taking him farther away from his family. As he struggles to escape the flames, the smoke makes it difficult to breath or see where he is going. He realizes there is little hope of making it safely down the mountain. Suddenly he feels himself flailing through the air and ends up flat on his back in the center of a shallow creek bed. He tries to get up but realizes he is hurt and can no longer run. There must be something he can do to save himself…and Morgan is not about to give up. He must survive so he can make things right with his dad.