Beneath the Caverns R.J. Burle Author

Beneath the Caverns R.J. Burle Author
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Brand: Amy Willoughby-Burle
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Is the enemy of my enemy my friend or another enemy? Of all the terrors in the Forbidden Zone, no place strikes more fear in the hearts of the survivors than the Caverns. But when Bryan’s young son is kidnapped and dragged into its depths, the Mountain Warriors must storm it. They know the caverns are filled with blood mad vampires, but there’s a lurking evil they didn’t expect and a depth of deception they aren’t prepared for. Despite their usual bravery, when the rescue turns into violent chaos, the warriors retreat and Eric is abandoned. No longer the inept fighter, Eric is ready to shed his reluctant hero status and wage war against the vampires. His only friend is a vampiress sent to kill or turn him and their only way out of the caverns is to go deeper into them, beneath reality as they know it. Can Eric rescue the child or will the unexpected encounters in the caverns make him forget what’s real and more importantly, what matters most?